Friday, May 18, 2018

Our Final Dance Class with Annie of 2017-18

We had such a fun final dance class with Annie this week! Annie brought in her collection of wind-up toys and the children learned about patterns and how to move their bodies in a multitude of ways. Children met the challenge of moving and freezing for 16 counts - not easy, but they did it! We'll look forward to more fun in dance class with Annie next school year. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

River Overday

River Class (and Sky Class) enjoyed Overday last Wednesday. It was a fun-filled afternoon and evening. We began with Dee reading a story to give the children time to relax after a busy recess. Then we watched an educational movie and children got to choose whether they stayed in River or visited Sky for this shared experience, including popcorn, of course. We had a fairly even mix as you can see from the slideshow.

Snack time and playtime followed. River and Sky students were able to hang out on the playground together. Snacks included fruit and chips and salsa. Dinner was al fresco and included pizza, carrots, and fruit. It was back inside for our talent show (although we did do a couple of our performances outside on our way to get s'mores).

The final event of the evening was a campfire with s'mores, ending with a Meeting for Worship. It was a wonderful Overday!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Lighthouses in River

River Class built some lighthouses that light up. First, we drew the lighthouse design. After that, we cut them out and put them on our bulletin board. We added some interesting facts to go with our designs. Then we taped or painted our tubes. We painted the boxes, which are the bases of the lighthouses. Students could add sand and shells if they wanted to. Then we hot glued the decorated tubes to the boxes. We put the batteries in the battery holders, and then we put the light bulbs in the light bulb holders. We put the wires through the tubes. It was pretty hard, but we did it! We tested the lighthouses and we showed Sky Class students how they worked.

(Written by two River Class students)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Our Third and Final Birthday Party

Enjoy our birthday slideshow - photos courtesy of Shannon

Many, many thanks to all our parent helpers for your help and contributions to make this final birthday so special. It was a wonderful celebration with beautiful weather, enabling us to eat al fresco. (We added balloon pictures from our dance class to make it even more festive.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Physical Education Class

We continue to practice listening and following directions in class with added levels of difficulty and cooperation among students. They've enjoyed a variety of activities working on movement, teamwork, throwing, catching, dribbling and passing. Within the scope of physical work, we are incorporating growth mindset principles. Both classes watched a video, "Giraffes Can't Dance" and then brainstormed "Things we can't do yet." Lots of lively discussion around supporting each other and that making mistakes is ok. From there the class listed things they can do now and some were charged with teaching others how to do a skill (e.g.cartwheel, four square). It was quite beautiful watching young students share their knowledge and skill with others. As the weather warms we will be spending more time outside enjoying some traditional cooperative games and sample outdoor sports like ultimate frisbee, kickball, soccer, and tennis. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spanish Class

A group of River students is working on the farm animals' names “Animales de la granja.” They are also reviewing the colors in Spanish. Some students write confidently, others just copy the words, and others prefer to trace the words artistically.

Some students read fluently and others can read supported by images. The materials are designed to help every student feel success in Spanish.

Working in a cooperative way promotes the use of the Spanish language in the class.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Music Class

River and Sky classes have been playing xylophones in music class, which are currently set up with a 6-note scale (CDEFGA). We're learning a number of patterns in major and minor keys that fit with simple songs such as "I've Got a Dog" and the "Round and Round Round." First-years have focused on mallet technique and coordination, while second-years have learned to play the "Bird Round" melody on their xylophones and have started improvising in both C major and D minor. We recently voted on our class Springfest song, and results will be announced before Spring Break!