A Holiday and Music Sharing

(Article written by Carys) More information about St. David's Day here: St. David's Day
On Thursday, February 28th, my mom, Ingrid, came to share about Saint David's Day, which takes place on March 1st. My mom told us the longest place name in the world and the story of the red dragon and the white dragon. One of the students got to try on the traditional Welsh costume. The leek represents the boy and the daffodil represents the girl. My mom even handed out Welsh flags!

We are inviting parents to come and share their musical gifts with us. We welcome anyone from novice to experts. John recently came to share a number of instruments including a Hawaiian guitar (pictured above), two types of flutes, a mandolin, and a banjo. Earlier in the school year, Tom (pictured below) came to River Class to share his Spanish guitar. We look forward to more musical shares as the year progresses. Thanks to all the parents who have volunteered!

Our 100th Day of School

Enjoy the Video!
We recently celebrated our 100th Day of School. Fun was had by all! We began with calendar time and children were very excited to say 100 in unison. Children shared their collections of 100 with each other in cooperative groups. Students had fun guessing what was in the boxes.

Students set up their collections ready for Sky Class students to visit. We had a large variety of collections and children were creative in how they set them up for viewing.

Our day was filled with 100-themed activities. These included making necklaces with 100 beads, decorating glasses and crowns, reading a 100-day story, bouncing balls, shooting hoops, jump roping, and more. Now it's time to start the countdown to summer vacation!

Safety, Sound, Science, and a Celebration

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We've had a lot of fun in River Class lately. Three special guests have delighted us with their talents and expertise. Plus, we had our second birthday celebration (one more to go). Michael, a previous River Class parent and former sound designer came to talk to us about sound. Bill, an engineer and current parent of a senior, came to talk to us about safety. Ken, a scientist, came to show us some chemistry magic.
In our sound lesson with Michael, he played with pitches of some of the students’ voices, making them sound very different, much to the children's delight! He even played a sound so high, that the kids could hear it, but not the adults! He demonstrated that humans have a rudimentary echolocation, like a bat and showed us a sound "magic trick" called the McGurk effect, which (for most people) demonstrates that what we see can affect what we hear.

In our safety lesson with Bill, we learned about fire safety and what to do in case of a fi…

Our First Dance Class of 2018/19

We had a terrific first dance class with Annie, our wonderful dance teacher. Annie typically begins the class with a story, which she reads to the whole class. The movement part of dance is done in halves. Today we had two stories: Black? White! Day? Night!: A Book of Opposites, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, and Dance! by Bill T. Jones. River students enjoyed the chance to explore both of these books under Annie's direction, making predictions about the opposites. Bill T. Jones' book showed us how we can move parts of our body and/or our whole body, which we further explored in dance class.

It was a packed first class! Children learned a Humpty Dumpty rap with different movements, they learned to move different body parts, and they even got to use a scarf as a prop. Most importantly, children learned about their personal dance space and the group dance space and how to move appropriately and considerately when sharing a space with others. We ended the session with a calming relaxa…


The LS Library is one of my favorite places to be, not only because I love children’s literature, but because of how much energy the students bring to exploring books, asking questions and generating new ideas every day!

In addition to other free-time options throughout the week, Sky/River class has its own special time each Monday afternoon to check out books and read in one of the cozy spots in the library. Each week the students spend time getting better acquainted with the geography of the library and the self-checkout system, which helps build confidence in their ability to search for and check out books independently. The students have access to the online catalog, but we find at this stage, browsing shelves can be a more efficient way to discover the next great read!

Recently, the most popular non-fiction sections in River/Sky Class have been animals, sports, gaming, and geology. This month we also focused on “wordless” picture books that include beautiful illustrations and inv…

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

December is a time when we learn about different ways to celebrate the holidays. We've participated in a Kwanzaa celebration led by Dee and a group of enthusiastic fourth-year students. Students have learned about Hanukkah and played dreidel during math time. Dee read The Christmas Story. We also had a number of parents come in to talk about ways their families celebrate the holidays. These holiday sharings have included a Ukranian folktale, sharing about food traditions, making birdfeeders with pine cones, holiday book readings, and a fun reindeer craft. Check out the holiday slideshow at the foot of this post.

It's important and wonderful to learn about traditions from other countries and below you'll read about an Iranian tradition shared with us and written by Anita Ghajar-Selim, a River Class parent.

Yalda Night or Shab-e-Chelleh is the Iranian festival celebrating the longest night of the year, which normally coincides with the 20th or 21st of December. On this night…

Coding, Owls, and Spaghetti

Our latest endeavors in River Class have included participating in the Hour of Code, investigating owl pellets, and constructing towers using spaghetti and marshmallows. You'll find more details in the slideshow below.