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First Week of School in River Class

                             River Teachers welcome you to River Class!

What a wonderful first week we've had. Children have participated in all kinds of fun activities!

                  We have listened to stories read by Dee, Kathy, Mary, Charlie, Lisa, and Ruthie.

                                 We've had fun making clay creations as part of our center time.

                                                 We've had fun making paper plate fishes.

                       We have been busy making books both during language time and center time.

                                                     And building towers together ...

                                           We even had fun doing language diagnostics!

Welcome to River Class 2012-13!

Dear River Parents,We are so excited to welcome your children back (or for the first time) in the River Class for our 2012-13 year. Looking forward to an excellent year! Charlie, Dee & Ruth