Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happenings in River Class

                                          This week's Big Fish.

It's Dee's turn to read story. The current book is called All About Sam by Lois Lowry.

Students are working hard in language groups. They are silent reading (as pictured above).

They write about the weather, their feelings, upcoming events, and recess activities in their journals.

                                             Some students are working on sight words.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Week continued

                                           Water Watch in River

Our Friday research time was about our Lower School theme, WATER.  Dee explained what would be happening.

We took 31 ice cubes (representing our students) and asked the students to answer the following questions:
Do they make noise? If they do, why?
How much water will 31 ice cubes make?
How much time will it take for 31 ice cubes to melt?
Why are they shining?

Children worked in cooperative groups to figure out the answers to the water questions. This research time included learning about measuring cups (1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 1 cup, 2 cups), estimation, working with others, reading, writing, and our theme, water.

Last Week in River

Our second Big Fish of the year following her Big Fish celebration on Friday.

We had our first Monday Mélange last week. Lisa, one of our classroom parents, kindly came to River Class to do mushroom activities with the students.

There were three rotating activities. One group looked for mushrooms outside on our beautiful campus. The children were so inspired by this activity that they continued it during their S'math class on Tuesday and Thursday.

Another group stayed inside to pick a mushroom, from the many collected by River families, in order to make a spore print.

The other group got to look at mushrooms through a microscope.

                                                       A lot of fun was had by all!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our first Big Fish of the year

The Big Fish gets to share every day. The rest of the students may share one time during the week.
Sharings include something from nature like the feather above.

A student may also share a book or picture/photo.

Students may also bring in something they made such as a pillow or a lego building.

Occasionally we allow the children to share a stuffed animal. The children may do this one time in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Interest Groups begin this Friday afternoon at 1:15 - How Exciting!

Interest Groups September, 2012

1.  Green Living - Let’s make reusable items to replace the disposables we use every day!  We will use fabric remnants to make snack bags, cloth napkins and shopping bags.

2.  Bingo Bash - Do you love BINGO?  Here’s your chance to play all kinds of different BINGO games.  Everybody will get a chance to win at BINGO.

3.  Teddy Bear Picnic - Bring your favorite teddy bear and come picnic with us.  Each week we will make a small snack and find a special place to picnic with our teddy bears and read stories about bears.

4.  Outdoor Fun-  We will do outdoor activities such as scavenger hunts and a mystery hunt with clues written in code. If it rains, we will play some classroom games.

5.  Beading Blast- We will learn to make different styles of friendship bracelets, necklaces, earrings and trinkets using many types of beads and bead patterns. You can make these projects for yourself or as gifts to friends and family. We will take a field trip to a bead store for ideas and inspiration.

6.  Make It Take It - Come make, and then take home with you, many interesting creations using recycled and found objects, glue, and your creative ideas.

7.  Sewing Sensations - In this interest group we will be sewing, sewing, sewing the projects that we make, such as pillows and stuffed animals.

8.  We Built That - Do you have enough time to build with legos or other building materials during centers or rainy day recesses?  If the answer to this question is no, then you want to sign up for this building interest group. We will share building materials, ideas, and have fun.

9.  Baskets - If you would like to learn to weave a basket, this is the group for you.  We will dye some basket reed to add color to our work. You will be making baskets to take home to give as a gifts or to keep your treasures in.

10.  Games with Balls -  Do you know how to juggle?  Do you like to play basketball or soccer?  Do you like to make up games of you own and teach them to your friends?  In this interest group we will spend time learning new games and skills with balls and also playing some of our favorite ball games.

11.  Boats - We’ll make small boats from a variety of materials and try them out to see if they will float. We may also make small people or creatures to ride in the boats.
12. Fun Faces - Would you like to learn how to face paint? Then this is the interest group for you. We'll have fun practicing on each other. We'll take turns to paint and be painted. There are all kinds of faces you can choose from. Let's face it, we'll have fun!!

13. Lights Camera ACTION - Calling all movie makers! Create your own HOW TO CFS video. Join us to design and film how-to movies on the CFS campus. We'll design movies on how to care for the pigs on the weekend, how to take care of the classroom pets, how to take care of the garden … help us decide what movies we'll create!

14. Soccer - In this Interest Group we will get the opportunity to play the world’s most popular sport: football, or as we call it, soccer. We will play a variety of different versions, including indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, world cup, and three goal soccer. We might even create our own version. Come join us if you love soccer!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Second Week of School - River Class

What a wonderful second week we've had in River Class!

Our Spanish teacher gave an introductory lesson on Tuesday afternoon. In the first few weeks of Spanish class, we are learning the routine for Spanish groups using songs, pictures, and movement. We are listening to books and stories based in Hispanic culture, learning how to count to 20, practicing naming colors, listening and following directions in Spanish and naming the days of the week in order. The children have been very responsive and have done a wonderful job of focusing and engaging in the lessons!

We had story while we ate lunch. Children are able to sit at mats or a table if they prefer.

Each morning we have calendar. Each child has a turn to be our 'person of the day.'

In math this week we read a book about patterns. The children worked in cooperative groups to create their own using a variety of manipulatives.

Children came up with some creative shapes and designs.

There will be many opportunities for the children to work in small groups. They learn how to advocate for themselves, share ideas, and listen to others.

Field Day was a huge success. Children had a number of activities to choose from. There was face painting, bubbles, a scavenger hunt, cup balance, water balloon launch, and inside choices in the multi.

A large number of River children opted for face painting. What a great new look!

Finally - Things to Remember

1. Please ensure your child has an extra set of clothes (labeled) in their cubby 

2. We do physical education every Thursday (and regular outside play or trail walks) so please be sure that your child wears (or keeps) active footwear at school. For safety purposes we do not allow Crocs, open-toed sandals or flip flops during sports activities.

3. Homework begins on Monday (more information coming your way soon). Please contact your child's language teacher if you have any questions or concerns regarding homework.

4. Pick-up time reminders:

a) Students are to wait for their rides in the area near the log cabin, “car” structure, and green picnic table.  Students may also play a game on the basketball court.  Two teachers are on duty to supervise students.

b) If your rider would like to play on the slides, or in the children’s garden, or beside the creek, you must be in the immediate vicinity of the child.

c) At 3:15, a teacher will ring the bell to indicate that all students who have not been picked up must come to the green picnic table.  At this time, all students whose drivers are present must go and stand beside their driver.

d) At 3:25, all students who have not been picked up will be escorted to the AfterHours program. in the Lower School multi.