Second Week of School - River Class

What a wonderful second week we've had in River Class!

Our Spanish teacher gave an introductory lesson on Tuesday afternoon. In the first few weeks of Spanish class, we are learning the routine for Spanish groups using songs, pictures, and movement. We are listening to books and stories based in Hispanic culture, learning how to count to 20, practicing naming colors, listening and following directions in Spanish and naming the days of the week in order. The children have been very responsive and have done a wonderful job of focusing and engaging in the lessons!

We had story while we ate lunch. Children are able to sit at mats or a table if they prefer.

Each morning we have calendar. Each child has a turn to be our 'person of the day.'

In math this week we read a book about patterns. The children worked in cooperative groups to create their own using a variety of manipulatives.

Children came up with some creative shapes and designs.

There will be many opportunities for the children to work in small groups. They learn how to advocate for themselves, share ideas, and listen to others.

Field Day was a huge success. Children had a number of activities to choose from. There was face painting, bubbles, a scavenger hunt, cup balance, water balloon launch, and inside choices in the multi.

A large number of River children opted for face painting. What a great new look!

Finally - Things to Remember

1. Please ensure your child has an extra set of clothes (labeled) in their cubby 

2. We do physical education every Thursday (and regular outside play or trail walks) so please be sure that your child wears (or keeps) active footwear at school. For safety purposes we do not allow Crocs, open-toed sandals or flip flops during sports activities.

3. Homework begins on Monday (more information coming your way soon). Please contact your child's language teacher if you have any questions or concerns regarding homework.

4. Pick-up time reminders:

a) Students are to wait for their rides in the area near the log cabin, “car” structure, and green picnic table.  Students may also play a game on the basketball court.  Two teachers are on duty to supervise students.

b) If your rider would like to play on the slides, or in the children’s garden, or beside the creek, you must be in the immediate vicinity of the child.

c) At 3:15, a teacher will ring the bell to indicate that all students who have not been picked up must come to the green picnic table.  At this time, all students whose drivers are present must go and stand beside their driver.

d) At 3:25, all students who have not been picked up will be escorted to the AfterHours program. in the Lower School multi.  

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