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More News from River Class

This Week's Big Fish.

This week's Monday Mélange was learning about loofahs. Victoria, one of our parents, came to talk about how loofahs are made and where they come from.

A loofah begins as a black seed, which turn into plants with yellow flowers like squash. When the plant turns brown it is peeled and washed. Then it is dried in the sun.

The final result is a loofah (as above), which can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to wash things such as dishes or even people. The texture of the loofah makes it an ideal skin exfoliant. People even make them into sandals, which are excellent for massaging feet as you walk. Each River child received a piece of loofah to take home.


River Class - More Water Experiments

Since water is our theme this year we decided to do a number of experiments involving water. Our "sink or float" experiment involved the children taking the above items in cooperative groups and initially making an estimation as to whether or not each item would indeed sink or float. Children had to show their decision making by drawing the objects under the correct heading (as pictured below).

An important part of our work in River Class and the Lower School is giving the children opportunities to work together in groups. Sometimes the children are able to group themselves (given specific guidelines) and sometimes the groups are decided by the teachers. The groups tend to be a mixture of gender and age. Groups change so that children have an opportunity to work with children they may not typically have a chance to work with.

Children learn important lessons when asked to work as part of a group. They have to learn to take turns and to s…

Laps and More ....

This week's Big Fish

                                         Laps on Tuesday afternoons On Tuesday afternoons the children (and sometimes the teachers) run or walk laps around the Lower School. How many laps make one mile?  The children collect one cube per lap. Does one cube make a mile?  

Do two cubes?                                                            Or three cubes?

What about four?                                                          Or five?

How about six?                                                           Or even seven?

How about eight?                                                        Or nine?

You guessed it!  Ten laps/cubes add up to one mile. River children are working to improve their personal lap number each week.

This Week in River Class

This week's Big Fish!

In first year math group this week the children have been learning about place value using manipulatives to represent tens and ones. Math students rolled the dice and were able to exchange their single cubes for a ten stick when they reached the number ten.

Students also took turns to write numbers on the board in order to practice number order and formation.

Second year math students continue to work through their Mastering Math workbooks.

Students also solved word problems in their math notebooks. "There are 5 cows and 4 chickens. How many feet and tails altogether?"  Students drew pictures and wrote words to explain how they solved the problem.                      

Math rotation includes ipads, (we used the Sumstacker app), completing the hundred board, and working on workbooks. We also have fun practicing subtraction and addition facts in pairs using flashcards.

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