Tom from Sky Class finished up his first three-week Smath rotation with River Class.  The first week he worked in ½’s with River students.  One group met on Tuesday morning and the other on Thursday morning.  The first activity was doing a birthday graph of all of the students in River.  After reviewing the months of the year, each group adjourned to the multi where sentence strips with the name of each month were carefully placed on the floor in correct order.  Students were asked to sit crossed legged on the floor in front of their birthday month.  Together the group discussed the number of birthdays in each month.  After forming the people graph, the students returned to Sky Class and colored in a birthday cake with their name and birthday written on the bottom of the square.  Then they took turns gluing on a chart.  Take a look at the completed birthday graph as you enter River Class.

The second week found each group hiking the nature trail that surrounds the school.  The students hiked down the gravel driveway to the entrance of the trail.  It was established in 2001 by a group of Upper School students.  The trail runs roughly about a mile and a half.  It circles around in back of the Klopfer’s land and ends up following the creek back to Lower School.  The students hike the trail once in the fall, again in winter and finally ending with a spring hike. 

During the third session, the students took part in a physics experiment involving a can of olives.  They first predicted how far a can full of olives would role when released from the top of an inclined plane.  Each student placed a dot with their initials on the floor of the multi. The experiment was done three times.  Next the can was emptied of its juice.  The students predicted how far the can would role with no juice (hint: it didn’t role as far as a full can of olives).  Finally, the can was emptied of all the olives.  After counting how many olives were in the can, the can was released from the inclined plane three different times.  After completing the experiment, the students that wanted to were allowed to taste the olives.  

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