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Latest News from Spanish Class

In Spanish class, we have been busy over the last few weeks. We've addressed cultural awareness through learning about the Mexican holiday of el Dìa de los Muertos. We read some books on the subject and made the traditional sugar skulls associated with the holiday. The kids really enjoyed making and decorating our sugar skulls and visiting the Middle School to see the
Middle School students' sugar skulls as well. We also reviewed colors, numbers and shapes by playing BINGO, which the kids really enjoyed. We are just beginning a unit on parts of the body, weather, clothing, and seasons. They will have some new songs to share with you over the next few weeks to practice their vocabulary while we continue to listen to stories and participate in lots of fun activities that engage them in learning the language.

River News

Our first birthday celebration for August through December birthdays was a great success thanks to all involved. We celebrate every child's birthday in River Class. We typically hold three group birthday parties in order to honor each student and to minimize sugary treats.                                            

News from River Class

This week's Big Fish

One of our language group activities this week was Leafy Writings. Language students went outside to collect leaves.

We began our lesson by brainstorming "leafy" words. These words included color, size, texture, and movement vocabulary. The students wrote a collaborative poem. They then chose their leaves and did their own individual leaf rubbings.

As we wrote the poem we talked about rhyming patterns, using only essential words, and making a word box as a tool. Each student from Ruth's and Dee's language groups will produce their own leafy poem and leaf rubbing. 

Our center time is a lot of fun! We have some very creative builders, who choose to make some wonderful constructions whilst collaborating nicely.

Some students decide that it's time to decorate the classroom ready for Thanksgiving!

Other students choose to silent read in the loft.

Paper creations have become a popu…

Latest news from River Class

Last week's Big Fish

The MS dance class, Dance and Words, performed for the River class. Dancers chose poems about nature and explored combining speaking and moving. They added props and music in a variety of ways. The Lower School children shared ideas that the dancers improvised to and were part of a question and answer session afterwards. It was a magical afternoon that left everyone with a favorite poem and dance!!

This Week in River

This week's Big Fish

This week we tried out our new calendar format. This now includes Pick-A-Problem, which was How many children are there in the class today? We also have a space for more math such as patterns and an estimation jar. This new calendar also helps us stay environmentally friendly, since our previous calendar was made of paper.

In math this week the first years were working on money: pennies and nickels. They also had an opportunity to use some of the math applications on the ipads.

Applications include Sum Stacker, Coin Math, Jungle Time, and Motion Math.

Second year students also had an opportunity to enjoy a combination of ipad math and Dream Box Learning on the computers. Each student has their own Dream Box account, which takes them through a variety of math challenges in a fun way.

The math teacher is able to monitor each child's progress through their own teacher account.