News from River Class

                                                               This week's Big Fish

One of our language group activities this week was Leafy Writings. Language students went outside to collect leaves.

We began our lesson by brainstorming "leafy" words. These words included color, size, texture, and movement vocabulary. The students wrote a collaborative poem. They then chose their leaves and did their own individual leaf rubbings.

As we wrote the poem we talked about rhyming patterns, using only essential words, and making a word box as a tool. Each student from Ruth's and Dee's language groups will produce their own leafy poem and leaf rubbing. 

Our center time is a lot of fun! We have some very creative builders, who choose to make some wonderful constructions whilst collaborating nicely.

Some students decide that it's time to decorate the classroom ready for Thanksgiving!

Other students choose to silent read in the loft.

Paper creations have become a popular choice.

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