This Week in River

                                                                  This week's Big Fish

This week we tried out our new calendar format. This now includes Pick-A-Problem, which was How many children are there in the class today? We also have a space for more math such as patterns and an estimation jar. This new calendar also helps us stay environmentally friendly, since our previous calendar was made of paper.

In math this week the first years were working on money: pennies and nickels. They also had an opportunity to use some of the math applications on the ipads.

Applications include Sum Stacker, Coin Math, Jungle Time, and Motion Math.

Second year students also had an opportunity to enjoy a combination of ipad math and Dream Box Learning on the computers. Each student has their own Dream Box account, which takes them through a variety of math challenges in a fun way.

The math teacher is able to monitor each child's progress through their own teacher account.

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