Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays from River Class!

What a fabulous time we've had! One of our students shared a holiday duet with her dad (as pictured above). We've also enjoyed holiday singing with our music teacher, Joanna, before settling-in this week.

Holiday Interest Groups

River students enjoyed sharing their creations from their Interest Groups. Children had made books and a variety of holiday decorations from the many craft Interest Groups offered this time.                                                                                                                          


River students joined the rest of the Lower School to watch the wonderful Kwanzaa performance by a group of enthusiastic fourth year students. Our very own Dee choreographed and led this exciting holiday event. We all shared a lovely snack of fruit and nuts after the performance. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Latest from River Class

                                                             This week's Big Fish

Dreidel in Math

This week in math the children played Dreidel. We divided the children into groups of 3 and they took turns to spin the Dreidel. 

The Dreidel has 4 symbols (as pictured). Each child began by having 6 counters and placed one of them in the pot in the middle. The players then took turns to spin the Dreidel. When the Dreidel stopped the appropriate action was taken.

After we had played Dreidel a few times we 
recorded our results in our math journals 
(as pictured below). Children worked
in teams to record the number of
spins, specifying how many times the
                                                  various symbols were landed on.

We ended our time as a whole group and recorded
the teams' results using tally marks. Each student
took a turn to record one of their symbol's results
on the board.

Children worked in teams to play Dreidel.

 They recorded their results in their math journals by shading in the squares above each symbol.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Latest from River Class

                                                                 Last week's Big Fish

Sink or Float?

Our last water theme activity involved the children working in small groups to build a boat. They collected materials in their team's box and proceeded to talk about how they were going to make a boat that would float. When they were ready they began to build.

River students came up with some very cool designs using paper filters, cardboard, plastic lids, scissors, tape, and other supplies. The next step will be to test each team's boat to see if it will FLOAT!


SCHOOL PHOTOS - This is a reminder to check out your child's pictures in the front hall of Lower School.  Purchasing these pictures at school can be done from now until December 20.   If you have already viewed your child's pictures and have chosen not to buy any this year, please place the packet in the "no thanks" envelope, so that we will know that you have seen them. 
Several parents have asked about our relationship with photographer Lance Richardson. Lance, an award winning professional from Alamance County, prints the picture packets at his own expense. He guarantees the school a set income, regardless of how many pictures sell (or don't).  From this income, we print the Lower School yearbook, which is distributed free to each student at the end of the school year.  Lance also supplies us with PDFs of the pictures he takes; we use these in the yearbook.   

KWANZAA - On Wednesday, December 19th we are having our Kwanzaa celebration. Our very own Dee from River Class will lead a group of fourth years who will dance and tell us about this special holiday. We ask that each child bring some fruit or nuts for our shared snack that day. The equivalent of one apple (cut and ready to eat, please) or a small bag of nuts is enough. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

News from River Class

                                                                 Last week's Big Fish

Our latest water experiment was to make water music using glasses filled with water. 

River students once again worked in cooperative groups to answer the questions.

Students took turns to pour water into the glass and then tap it.

We gathered as a whole class to share our findings.

Our 2012 Thanksgiving Celebration

River students prepared veggies as part of their contribution towards our shared Thanksgiving snack.

We had Meeting for Worship outside at our Stone Circle around a camp fire.

We then enjoyed a delicious feast with food and beverage contributions from each Lower School classroom. The menu included popcorn, various breads, veggies and dip, and freshly made apple cider.