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Dreidel in Math

This week in math the children played Dreidel. We divided the children into groups of 3 and they took turns to spin the Dreidel. 

The Dreidel has 4 symbols (as pictured). Each child began by having 6 counters and placed one of them in the pot in the middle. The players then took turns to spin the Dreidel. When the Dreidel stopped the appropriate action was taken.

After we had played Dreidel a few times we 
recorded our results in our math journals 
(as pictured below). Children worked
in teams to record the number of
spins, specifying how many times the
                                                  various symbols were landed on.

We ended our time as a whole group and recorded
the teams' results using tally marks. Each student
took a turn to record one of their symbol's results
on the board.

Children worked in teams to play Dreidel.

 They recorded their results in their math journals by shading in the squares above each symbol.

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