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River Class News

Our latest Big Fish

MLK research

 River students worked in groups to come up with their own Big Words as part of our important work around the MLK celebration. Our work was based on the book, Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport.

Each cooperative group picked a word and then made it into a sentence.

Some groups had to work hard to come to consensus on their word.

They decorated their words together.

These Big Words are now on our bulletin board outside River Class.

We hope you will stop by and take a look.

Fun with telling time

In math groups we have been reviewing telling time. 

We began by reading a bookentitled If You Were a Minute by Trisha Speed Shaskan.

 Children had fun practicing telling time using the Jungle Time app on the iPads.

More fun in River Class

This week's Big Fish

Language Groups 

Students work hard in their language workbooks

Students use their dictionaries to help them with their spelling

Students take time to form their letters correctly in their handwriting books

Students play language games

Math Groups

In math groups students continue to work on  their DreamBox accounts (above), and 2-digit subtraction problems (right). They also continue to work on Marcy Cook tile cards (below left), and on their math word problems (below right).

We read the book Martin's Big Words as pictured left. River students had to come up with their own big words in cooperative groups. They came up with the big words as listed below:

Fun Creations

Happy New Year from River Class

This week's Big Fish

                                                 A student donates a beautiful plant to our class!

Math groups continue with exciting activities such as tile cards (pictured right) and fun computation (pictured left).

Students also have fun exploring math apps on ipads.