Happy New Year from River Class

                                                               This week's Big Fish

                                                 A student donates a beautiful plant to our class!

Math groups continue with exciting activities such as tile cards (pictured right) and fun computation (pictured left).

Students also have fun exploring math apps on ipads.

In Spanish we are beginning a new set of vocabulary words and concepts focused around "Mi Familia." We are learning the names for different family members, answering questions about our families and practicing writing a few words in the target language. We will also read stories, listen to songs and create artwork incorporating the family theme.

Students continue to work towards their 10, 20, 30,
40, and even 50 mile badges.

Design and Engineering fun continues as children
work in pairs to construct bridges.

 Even rainy day recess is fun! Some children decided to build (pictured left) and some children (below) decided to continue working on their stories.

Martin Luther King Jr. Research

Friday research involved the question, "What do you know about Martin Luther King Jr.?"
Students worked in cooperative groups (pictured below) to come up with as many words as possible in response to the question (pictured above).

Cooperative Groups

We then watched the movie The Boy King (pictured above).  This movie prompted some rich discussion about past, present, and differences.

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