Saturday, February 16, 2013

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One Hundredth Day of School

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Our latest Big Fish

Monday Mélange 

We had two afternoons of incredible fun making slime with Elizabeth, one of our River Class parents.

Children had fun mixing their ingredients together and picking out a color for their slime.

It was fun mixing and getting the slime to the right consistency.

Some chose blue. 

Each child got to take a bag of slime home. 

Dee, the River Class teacher pictured,  particularly liked the purple color.

It was really rather stretchy!

And lots and lots of .... 


Our hundredth day of school

On Monday, February 11th we celebrated our 100th day of school in River Class. Children brought in numerous '100' collections including beads, accessories, rocks, candy, cotton balls, buttons, etc. Students participated in lots of 100th day activities such as reading 100 words, making math equations that added up to 100, bouncing a ball 100 times, writing 100 words, walking 100 steps and decorating their very own 100th day glasses.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

River Class News

Our latest Big Fish

All aboard for our field trip on Friday to Page Auditorium.

Our trip was filled with lovely songs such as "The Wheels on the Bus."

Page Auditorium (the location of our field trip) is located right next to the beautiful Duke Chapel.

Our field trip involved a play with some fabulous costumes. In the photo pictured you can see the three little pigs.

We also had a visit from Jack (as in Jack and the Beanstalk) and Little Red Riding Hood.

River students had a wonderful time!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

River News

Our latest Big Fish

Language Groups 

Students are proud to share their writing.

Students take their time to add illustrations to their writing.

Some language students have fun playing with Story Cubes.

They create stories in small groups using their vivid imaginations!

River students respond to our current query.

They take time to illustrate their front covers.

Friendship challenges are a common theme.

Their books include possible solutions to the challenges they face.

Interest Groups

We had another amazing round of Interest Groups! 
In Green Book Making students made decorative hearts out of paper they made from recycled newspaper and used office papers (as pictured above).

In Felt Crafts (pictured above) students made felt pouches, wall hangings, pencil toppers, magnets, and more!

In Beads and Other Cool Materials (pictured above) students were given the opportunity to create lots of cool things using all kinds of fun materials. 

In Ooey Gooey (pictured above) students were able to get their hands dirty and express their inner artist.  They made different kinds of play dough and had fun creating with it! 

In Valentine's Day Crafts (pictured above) children had fun creating gifts and decorations for February 14th. They made heart-shaped bags from recycled cereal boxes, wooden heart pins, and heart mobiles.

In Creating on iPads (as pictured above) students explored creating eBooks, artwork, and more on iPads. 

Some students did not have crafts to share, but were still excited to tell about their experience.