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Our latest Big Fish

Monday Mélange 

We had two afternoons of incredible fun making slime with Elizabeth, one of our River Class parents.

Children had fun mixing their ingredients together and picking out a color for their slime.

It was fun mixing and getting the slime to the right consistency.

Some chose blue. 

Each child got to take a bag of slime home. 

Dee, the River Class teacher pictured,  particularly liked the purple color.

It was really rather stretchy!

And lots and lots of .... 


Our hundredth day of school

On Monday, February 11th we celebrated our 100th day of school in River Class. Children brought in numerous '100' collections including beads, accessories, rocks, candy, cotton balls, buttons, etc. Students participated in lots of 100th day activities such as reading 100 words, making math equations that added up to 100, bouncing a ball 100 times, writing 100 words, walking 100 steps and decorating their very own 100th day glasses.

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