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Our latest Big Fish

Making rainsticks in Monday Mélange

Children work with bamboo to create cool instruments.

They make funnels to add rice.

What a great percussion instrument!

Guessing game fun with Dee

Children take turns to guess what is behind the paper.

Dance with Annie

Annie reads some fun literature prior to Dance Class.

Math activities

Students have to guess what cube configuration is in their partner's train.
Students are given help figuring out strategies. The goal is to find the answer
using only a certain number of questions.

Students loved playing this fun yet challenging math game.

Students continue to work on computation in their workbooks.

First years have fun being introduced to DreamBox.

Don't forget to choose the activities in the yellow circles!

And remember to PAUSE, EXIT, EXIT when you're done.

Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering students make a pin wheel this week.

Friday Research

Cooperative groups were formed to collaborate on making music.

Students used their water words to write a group song verse, which they then performed.

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