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More rainsticks

Our Monday Mélange was rainstick making with the second group of children.
Rainstick making is taking place over the course of three weeks.

The second group of ten students made their rainsticks.

Children had fun using drills, saws, and hammers to create their instruments.

Experienced students kindly helped their peers.

One student steadies the stick while the other drills.

Our parent volunteer makes this all possible.

The finished result is a lot of fun!

Story with Dee

Dance with Annie

Annie begins dance class each week with a book (as above).

This week's theme is water, which is also our Lower School theme this year.

Dancers have fun making different shapes to the music.

Curvy shapes!

Balancing carefully and freezing shapes!

Annie uses a variety of percussion instruments during dance class.

Research time - boats

We continued our boat making during our research time this Friday. Dee introduced the activity by presenting the groups' boats that they had started to build. She reminded the students of their assignment - to make a boat that will float.

Groups of 5 worked together to finish up their designs.

The most important lesson is not the boat making. It's learning how to get along with other students.

Children were reminded to take turns and to share in the decision making.

Children waited patiently to take their turn.

River students shared their ideas with one another.

Dee brings in more supplies.

We ended our research time by testing all the boats on our creek. They ALL floated!!!  We came together to discuss the impact of the different designs. What might we have done differently?

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