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S'math update

In Joan’s S’math group students have been playing a game (as pictured above and below) in which they help Mole, Frog, and Toad cross a pond by spinning a spinner and moving the character on whom the spinner lands. Students used three different spinners, playing a game with each one. Each spinner gives a different relative amount of space to the different characters. After we recorded and graphed the results we got with each spinner, we were able to determine that with some spinners certain characters were more likely to win and other characters were less likely. We talked about the term probability and whether an event is more likely or less likely. We found that on one spinner Mole had a high probability of winning (he occupied almost 3/4 of the spinner) and poor Toad had a very small probability of winning. We also talked about how as mathematicians we might be tempted to help one of the characters, but we needed to accurately report our results just as they happened.

This week Joan’s group will begin exploring camouflage and creating small creatures that will be camouflaged to blend in with the environment in the Children’s Garden. One group will do this activity until Spring Break. The second group will do this activity after Spring Break.

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