This week in River

Our latest Big Fish

Music Class

In music class River students learn about the clarinet.

Monday Mélange

Our Monday Mélange included Jamie, our Middle School art teacher. Here you see him showing the children how to draw birds.

Students are proud of their work!

We had a lot of fun learning from an expert.

Students picked out birds using an iPad.                       Their creations were fantastic!

S'math update

A River student tries to pull apart the magnets.

Tom has started an in depth study of magnets in S'math. During the past two weeks, students have been introduced to different types of magnets, discussed how each magnet has two poles and discovered that opposite poles attract, while like poles repel. Then students predicted which of 16 different objects would a magnet attract. Each group of 3 was given 3 ring magnets and a box with the 16 objects inside. They took turns testing each object and checking to see if their predictions were correct. At the end of each session, the students took turns trying to separate 2 nano magnets. To date nobody has successfully been able to do so. During the next few weeks, the students will test the holding power of magnets, explore the push and pull of magnets and finally in the last session will try to defy gravity by making an object float in air. It is an exciting time in S'math.

Tom works with a River student to try and separate the nano magnets.

Rainstick making - final group 

Exciting news! We all have rainsticks in River.

Our last group saws, hammers, and drills in order to create their instruments.

It's an exciting and rewarding activity.

Lisa, our fabulous parent volunteer, helps make this activity possible.

I wonder what's inside?

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