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Our latest Big Fish

More drawing fun with Jamie

 Jamie shows the children how to draw a horse.

River children get a chance to practice what they have learned.

Drawing is becoming a popular Center choice thanks to Jamie's input.


Students continue to run laps.

Language Groups

 We always have fun when Kathy comes to give a language lesson in River Class. Students listen intently as Kathy shows them examples of fonts. She talks about the importance of using the same font throughout a digital story and explains when it is effective to use a larger size. The children will then use what they have learned using the iPads and the app called Book Creator.

Some River language students are paired up with Campus Early Schoolers to read stories together. This gives Early Schoolers an opportunity to become familiar with our Lower School environment! Our students also get practice being leaders and sharing their reading skills.

Dance Class

 Dance is always fun! We got to use props again this week.

Stretching and warming-up is an important and useful exercise. 

Friday Research

We had fun researching British and American vocabulary differences. Let's see if you can do the following activity. The answers will be at the end of this blog.

Match the American word (on left) with the British word (on right)

USA                                                         UK

gas                                                           tap

trunk                                                       sweets

cookie                                                      lorry

mailman                                                  boot

truck                                                        petrol

store                                                         biscuit

eggplant                                                   postman

elevator                                                     shop

faucet                                                        aubergine

candy                                                        lift

yard                                                          garden 

Click play above to hear the English pronunciation

Harry (our U.K. visitor) enjoys our iPad apps.

 Harry, our visitor from U.K., helped us pronounce the words correctly! 


Cooperative groups write directions

This week groups of 3 and 4 students wrote directions on how to make a pb & j sandwich.

We had a lot of fun trying out the directions using the items pictured above.

 Groups had a chance to edit their directions after the first demonstration. They realized it was trickier to write directions than they had first thought.

Children worked nicely together to complete their task.

Answers to quiz

Let's see if you got the answers right.  Here they are below:

gas - petrol

trunk - boot

cookie - biscuit

mailman - postman

truck - lorry

store - shop

eggplant - aubergine 

elevator - lift

faucet - tap

candy - sweets

yard - garden


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