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Monday Morning Music Mania

On Mondays, during Monday Morning Music Mania, our students get the opportunity to compose on the piano or bring in their own instruments to play. This is a fun, educational time, when students practice being a good, appreciative audience as well as being performers.


Students take turns to complete pieces of
a hundred board.
Pieces include vertical and horizontal

We practice addition facts the fun way.
It's fun writing on the board.
Completing the hundred board is
another math choice.

We solve problems in our math folders.
We can use manipulatives to help us.
We complete CGI problems.
We can time ourselves.
Chess is a choice when math
assignments are completed.
Tile cards include addition.

The 'IT' game

Each child gets to be the 'IT' in River Class.
The IT chooses two games to play. Games include
Sharks and Minnows (as above).

Story with Dee

Dee reads Martin's Mice by Dick King-Smith.

Design and Engineering

Charlie introduces the next Design and Engineering

Headbanz with Ruth

Part of our language rotation sometimes includes games
like Headbanz.

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