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This week's Big Fish - our first of the year

The Big Fish is able to share 'live' shares such as animals or family members.

Language groups are in full swing!

Ruth and Dee's language groups enjoy a range of activities during Language Arts time. Children work on individual workbooks, which include comprehension and writing practice.

Students also keep a journal in which they write down daily school and home activities.

Students have their own language box and pencil box. They even have a finger puppet each, which helps inspire them to write stories.

Language rotation will begin soon. This is when Ruth's group combines with Dee's group to form small groups. These groups rotate through a variety of language activities.

These small groups change on a regular basis. That way children get to know peers with whom they may not typically work or play.

Rotation activities vary. They may include journal writing, creative writing, paired reading, and creative choices such as outdoor painting or working with clay.

At some point we will include technology in our language group time. We will use iPads as tools to assist us in writing and producing digital stories. We use the Book Creator app and Drawing Pad app to create these stories.

 Above you can see an example of a 'creative' choice during language rotation.

A Special Sharing

We love parents to come and share with us. This Friday we had the opportunity to watch a special video involving children and nature. River children were curious and excited. They asked some great questions of our presenter. Please click on the link below if you'd like to see the video.

Research Time

Our Friday research involved children working in cooperative groups (as above) to answer three questions. 1) What is an inventor? 2) Name some inventions 3) Name some new inventions
  New invention suggestions included a flying car, a stretchable glass, a flying cell phone, invisible glasses, and a transporting slide.

Ruth read extracts from the book called Mistakes that Worked by Charlotte Jones.

Our New and Improved Aquarium

This year we have a new father and daughter team who have helped ameliorate our aquarium.
We are very grateful to our volunteers - thank you! Our fish are happy too!

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