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This week in River Class

This week's Big Fish

Art Class 

Students work hard to complete their beautiful art.

If you'd like to see more of this art, please click
on the following link: Art Slideshow

Each student's flower is unique!

Laps on Tuesday afternoon

Running or walking laps on a Tuesday is a fun time!

Students are partnered up to go around the building.

They collect cubes. Ten cubes equal one mile.

Spanish Class

In Spanish class we are learning and practicing naming colors, days of the week, numbers to 20, greetings, cultural awareness and the Spanish alphabet through games, songs, written practice, short videos and class discussions. This week we watched a quick video that demonstrates the correct pronunciation of the letters of the Spanish alphabet. Click here to watch the video: abc

The kids learned some interesting facts about a few "extra" letters in the "abecedario" and really enjoyed a game of "Nombres" where I spelled the names of kids in the group using the Spanish pronunciation of each letter while they listened and guessed whose name was being spelled. You could play this game at home using family members' (and pets') names to practice Spanish together.

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