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Design and Engineering Update:

River and Sky students were introduced to the field of agricultural engineering after hearing the story, Mariana Becomes a Butterfly. The book presented several opportunities for students to focus on the role of insects in natural systems. Mariana’s aunt, Tia Leti, an agricultural engineer, shows her niece how hand pollination tools are a good example of a technology that imitates nature, specifically the role of pollinating insects.

The lesson helped students:
·     Recognize that insects are a part of the natural world.
·      Understand that insects can be helpful and harmful.
·      Identify the parts of a natural system of pollination.

Students learned:
·      Pollination is a natural system and that natural systems are made up of parts.
·      If parts of a system are missing, the system doesn’t work.
·      Agricultural engineers design and improve technologies for agriculture.
·      Humans can engineer technologies to manage, replicate, or restore natural systems.

Every student made a model to demonstrate the pollination system. Children cut wood, drilled holes, and glued their pieces to complete the project.

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