Happy Holidays from River Class

This week's Big Fish

Kwanzaa Celebration

Dee leads the fourth year students in our Kwanzaa celebration.

Kwanzaa is the Swahili word for "first", and it signifies the first fruits of the harvest. Based on age-old African harvest celebrations, Kwanzaa begins December 26 and ends January 1. This holiday celebrates the harvest and the collective efforts of communities. Dancing traditionally plays a major role in such celebrations.


Former River Class students share about the principles of Kwanzaa.

River students enjoy a shared snack of fruit and nuts with the rest of the Lower School community.

Traditionally, teachers serve the students a snack provided by Lower School families - thank you!

Holiday Interest Groups

Our holiday Interest Groups were a great success! Children enjoyed a variety of activities such as Legos (pictured above).

Bedtime Buddies was a lot of fun. Children made colorful stuffies to keep them company. 

Stuffy Hats and Vests was also a fun option. 

Holiday Cards and Decorations provided the children with the opportunity to make a variety of fun holiday crafts (pictured above and below).

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