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Art with Jamie

Jamie, our Middle School art teacher, has been visiting River Class for the past few Mondays to share his artistic gifts with all of the River children. Students have an art lesson in small groups. Children decide what they'd like to be able to draw or improve on. They are grouped according to their preferences. 

The last three weeks children have been drawing dogs, cats, and horses. Jamie demonstrates on the board and also uses technology as a resource in the event that a student wants to try to draw something else. Children have an opportunity to practice their drawing skills during center time on Mondays and sometimes Fridays. We have a variety of drawing books in the classroom to help support students' varying interests. Upcoming groups will include fantasy, people, clothes, birds, vehicles, more animals, and birds. River students have been very excited to work with Jamie! 

A student is practicing drawing horses.

A student is proud of her artistic accomplishments!

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