Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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This week's Big Fish

A focus on Library

Mary, our librarian

Library Skills and Curriculum

Children are introduced to accepted procedures in the library such as: taking proper care of books; checking books in and out of the library; recognizing fiction and non-fiction sections of the library; making guided and non-guided book choice selections.

Fiction choices
Non-fiction choices

Children are learning to read and encouraged to make level and interest appropriate book selections for class and home reading. Children are introduced to books by their author, illustrator, or by topic. Mary often begins the lesson with read aloud time.*  Children are encouraged to locate fiction chapter books, using call numbers for non-fiction selection, and recognizing the ten section of The Library.

It's fun reading in the loft!

Library use is encouraged during recess time, before and after school hours, cultivating a desire to learn to read for enjoyment and information.

* Children consistently and across the board enjoy read aloud time. Mary uses a variety of “voices” to help engage the students' attention to the story. Stories typically feature a particular picture book and the author, with attention to style of writing, content, and “message” the author may be trying to convey. As the stories unfold, there is a discussion about character development, place, time, and setting.

Friday, February 14, 2014

This week in River Class

This week's Big Fish

Our first dance class

Dance started in River class on Tuesday afternoon. The children had attended an aerial dance performance by the MS Earth & Sky dance class on Monday. They were excited and inspired by what they had seen at the informal sharing. Dance begins with a story after lunch that relates to the theme of the day. We began with Dance by Bill T. Jones and emphasized the idea of "when I am dancing... I am thinking and I am feeling!" We moved quietly in our bare feet down to the multi and started warming up our bodies. This week we danced to a poem that explored bending, twisting, jump-twirling and jump-punching. It was amazing to see how energized and imaginative the children were. Many children volunteered to show their own version of a zig-zag or circle floor pattern. We ended with a relaxation and dreaming about the classes to come!

Friday, February 7, 2014

This week in River Class

This week's Big Fish

Our 100th Day of School Celebration

Enjoy the video!

Our week ended with a fabulous 100th Day of School celebration. Our Person of the Day excitedly presented our 100th day on the calendar. After that some students opted to have their classmates guess what was in their 100th day box. River students set up their collections for viewing by Sky Class, and then we had the opportunity to view their collections too. Later in the morning River students participated in a number of different activities relating to 100. Activities included writing a 100 word story, bouncing/throwing a ball with a partner, reading 100 words, drawing 100 items, and walking 100 steps. A fun day was had by all!