This week in River Class

This week's Big Fish

Our first dance class

Dance started in River class on Tuesday afternoon. The children had attended an aerial dance performance by the MS Earth & Sky dance class on Monday. They were excited and inspired by what they had seen at the informal sharing. Dance begins with a story after lunch that relates to the theme of the day. We began with Dance by Bill T. Jones and emphasized the idea of "when I am dancing... I am thinking and I am feeling!" We moved quietly in our bare feet down to the multi and started warming up our bodies. This week we danced to a poem that explored bending, twisting, jump-twirling and jump-punching. It was amazing to see how energized and imaginative the children were. Many children volunteered to show their own version of a zig-zag or circle floor pattern. We ended with a relaxation and dreaming about the classes to come!

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