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Our new project in Design and Engineering: Car Building

Students have been working on their new Design and Engineering project. They are designing and building cars to transport a "passenger" of their choosing. 

The first assignment was to draw a plan for their car. Children had the option of three chassis sizes: small, medium, or large. They made their choices based on the passenger they would be transporting. Passenger choices include Lego people, small stuffed animals, and other small toy animals and people. 

Students were asked to label, color, and write notes about their designs as pictured in the examples above and below. 

The next step was for the children to learn handsaw safety (pictured below left) and how to position their bodies for proper wood sawing. They worked with partners to accomplish their cutting goals. After the chassis sizes were chosen and the drawings completed, students measured, cut, and arranged their chassis parts to be assembled (pictured below right).

Learning handsaw safety
Connecting the chassis parts

Stay tuned for the next steps in our car building process!

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