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Design and Engineering News Release:

Newly designed cars are ready for the showroom!

Students in River and Sky Class have been designing, building, and perfecting their car designs for the past several weeks in Design and Engineering classes. These young engineers will be sharing their finished projects with all Lower School students at a Makers Fair this Friday.

The Design assignment: Build a car that will transport a "passenger."

Students were engaged in many activities:
  • making a detailed drawing and written description of their ideas
  • deciding what size frame (chassis) they would need
  • measuring, cutting, and glueing wood pieces to construct their frame
  • glueing axle holders and cut axles
  • choosing from an assortment of materials to create the "cab" to carry the "passenger"
  • attaching their cab designs to complete their car
  • learning about simple circuitry, motors, pulleys, and transfer of energy

Engineers working together:

Engineers proud of their designs:


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