River Reflections

September's Big Fishes

Every student in River Class gets to be our person of the week or Big Fish. Our Big Fish is able to share every day, lead lines, and call the roll. We celebrate our Big Fish every Friday when he/she reads out his/her autobiography and answers students' questions.

Check out our latest slideshow (below)  

(And remember to look for the flower!)

Spanish Update 

To help us memorize and learn our color words in Spanish we first created "Brain Tricks" to help ourselves remember what each word means. (Ask your children to tell you more about these brain tricks!) For our bodies to participate (with our mouth and brains) in helping to learn the colors we are learning a dance with a song that incorporates the Spanish words, our brain tricks, and even some sign language words. Please check out the links below to the dance/song with both the Sea Horses and Penguins. 

Spanish song with Penguins

Spanish song with Sea Horses

Art Update

River students have been working in the collage center during art class. They have been learning about various collage materials such as painted paper, tissue paper, magazine paper, and colored paper. Students have been practicing cutting and tearing techniques. They have also been experimenting with how to arrange their collage pieces on the background paper to create their composition. Below you can see some finished examples. Enjoy!

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