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River Reflections - November

November's Big Fishes

In honor of our Thanksgiving month we compiled a thankful video. See if you can find the flower! We wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving break!

River Reflections - October

October's Big Fishes

Our latest video - October Fun (Did you find the flower in this week's blog post?)
Design and Engineering Update
In Design and Engineering classes River and Sky students are exploring the field of acoustical engineering through activities in a unit called Acoustical Engineering: Seeing Animal Sounds. The children will learn how acoustical engineers aid scientific research and see that they work on different types of projects such as damping sound or designing systems to record, interpret, and communicate sound.

Charlie reads Kwame's Sound
The children were introduced to this unit through the storybook Kwame’s Sound. Throughout this unit, students will use what they learn about the science of sound to design and improve a visual representation system for bird sounds.

Each student made a model of a bird
The first lesson introduced children to simple examples of technology such as a tape dispenser, toothpick holder, marker, and paintbrush. This lesson focu…