Thursday, March 24, 2016

Matisse in Art and Dance

March's Big Fishes

Matisse in Art and Dance

River teachers have shared the children's book, Matisse's Garden by Samantha Friedman with their class. Natasha (art teacher) and Annie (dance teacher) have been creating a series of classes that explore aspects of the bold colorful nature of Matisse's imaginative designs. Using a common focus of positive/negative space, shape, repetition, and placement, the children have been creating art and designing dances. They have been exploring these concepts, developing skills and creating artwork and dances that will be shared with the rest of their class after Spring Break. 

Children have been working in pairs and collaborating in the process. When the children have a chance to embody the concept or "paint an idea in space" as well as "dance an idea on paper," the learning takes on a magical quality as well as a special way of knowing. The past two weeks have been an exciting time as the children have translated images from one form of expression to the other amidst laughter and connection.

Enjoy the Matisse in art and dance video!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Essence of Soul Writing

Students in River Class have recently been learning about soul writing, which involves the use of one's senses. They were taught how to write about their observations when they are outside in our beautiful, natural spaces. Kathy, our resource teacher, (pictured above), recently gave a lesson to help River students identify and think about sounds, sight, and touch in relation to soul writing.

The language arts lesson continued outside in the serene spot called The Stone Circle. Students had the opportunity to write about what they saw, heard, and felt. This type of language exercise helps children develop a more meaningful connection with the natural world around them.

Students worked in tiny clusters and/or on their own special rock to observe, reflect, and write. The CFS campus is the perfect environment for this activity; we are surrounded by a myriad of trees, rocks, grass, birds, and squirrels.

Ruth checks in with individual students
Teachers (pictured above and below) are available to help with vocabulary, ideas, and punctuation.

Dee helps a student with her soul writing

We ended the lesson with sharing time. Students proudly shared their work with one another. The sharing time helps motivate children and gives them a chance to work on their read aloud skills. They learn so much from one another.