Matisse in Art and Dance

March's Big Fishes

Matisse in Art and Dance

River teachers have shared the children's book, Matisse's Garden by Samantha Friedman with their class. Natasha (art teacher) and Annie (dance teacher) have been creating a series of classes that explore aspects of the bold colorful nature of Matisse's imaginative designs. Using a common focus of positive/negative space, shape, repetition, and placement, the children have been creating art and designing dances. They have been exploring these concepts, developing skills and creating artwork and dances that will be shared with the rest of their class after Spring Break. 

Children have been working in pairs and collaborating in the process. When the children have a chance to embody the concept or "paint an idea in space" as well as "dance an idea on paper," the learning takes on a magical quality as well as a special way of knowing. The past two weeks have been an exciting time as the children have translated images from one form of expression to the other amidst laughter and connection.

Enjoy the Matisse in art and dance video!

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