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April's Big Fishes (pictured above)

Fractured Fairy Tales

We recently began a fun language group unit on fractured fairy tales. Natalie, our librarian, (pictured above), introduced our River students to traditional fairy tales. Children then partnered up and read fairy tales together. Natalie continued the unit by teaching a lesson on how to fill in a story map, and then the children proceeded to complete their own individual story maps based on their chosen traditional fairy tale.

Children pick out books
Partnered reading

Natalie continued the fractured fairy tale unit by introducing the children to fractured fairy tale books. Children were then able to choose their own fractured fairy tale to read either independently or with a partner. They then chose a fairy tale on which to base their own fractured fairy tale. Students then wrote story maps for their chosen fractured fairy tales. Using their story maps as a guide, students began to write their own stories. Students had opportunities to use our new document camera to enable them to share their stories with the rest of the group.

Natalie shares a fractured fairy tale
Students pick a fractured fairy tale to read
Students help Natalie complete a second story map
Students share their stories
The document camera makes it fun

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