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S'math - Probability

S'math is a combination of science and math. Our first S'math activity was Hop to the Pond, a game designed to get children thinking about probability. We played two versions of the game. In Hop to the Pond with 6 Frogs, we used a game board with space for 6 frogs, which are numbered 1 through 6. Students working in pairs took turns rolling a die. Whatever number came up, that frog moved a space. When a frog moved 8 spaces, it reached the pond and got to hop in. Then all the frogs went back to the beginning for another game. As a frog won, students reported it by adding a post-it with the frog’s number to a growing graph we created on the whiteboard. We emphasized that we are doing this activity as scientists and mathematicians, which means we report our results accurately, even if we want a certain frog to win.

The next week we played Hop to the Pond with 12 Frogs. This time frogs were numbered 1 through 12, and students used 2 dice to see which frog moved. Several students c…

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Field Day

Field Day - Enjoy the video!

Field Day was so much fun! Children were able to choose from a variety of activities including face painting, balloon launch, sprinklers, indoor art, bubbles, a scavenger hunt, and stopwatch activities.
We had lots of parent helpers and we're always grateful for the extra help. Thank you!

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Welcome to River Class 2016 -17

Ruth, Charlie, and Dee welcome you to River Class. We're looking forward to another fabulous year!