Focus on Specials - Music

In music class, River students have been exploring rhythm and melody through singing, movement, and instruments. We’ve learned a number of songs that use the pentatonic (5-note) scale that we can accompany with xylophones and rhythm instruments. Students have even been able to figure out how to play the melodies of simple tunes such as “Cobbler, Cobbler” and “Hey, Lolly” all by themselves! We’re challenging ourselves to sing songs while playing different patterns on our instruments or bodies, an important musical skill especially for our budding singer/songwriters. Movement games such as “Head and Shoulders, Baby,” “Jump Jim Joe,” and freeze dance develop rhythm and listening skills through high-energy fun! Finally, we’ve learned several songs that develop vocal skills while expressing our Friends School values, such as “Walk a Mile,” “This Little Light of Mine,” “What a Wonderful World,” “I Will Be Your Friend,” and more.

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