Focus on Specials - Dance

Enjoy the Video!

The introduction to dance with River and Sky included a discussion and sharing of Dance by Bill T. Jones and Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. We began to explore the magic of dance with call and response and a chant in the multi. The children were excited about moving together in new groups. We are off to a joyous start exploring personal space and general space as a beginning!

In dance, children explore movement as a language and as a way to sense their place in space. Children cannot read, talk, touch, draw, or write without moving. We do warm-ups that are teacher directed and where children make their own choices. Poetry, props, imagery, traveling through space, connecting, laughing, stretching our bodies and igniting our imaginations are integral to each experience. Sky and River teachers come and participate with children so we can weave connections between what is explored in the classroom with what is explored in the dance space. There is a dance mailbox in every classroom where children write notes about ideas for dances and future classes. This year we will be moving inspired by the LS theme of water and doing a visual art integration with Natasha, our LS art teacher.

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