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Dance with Annie

Dance begins each week with a story that inspires part of the lesson that follows. Children put ideas in the dance mailbox and their enthusiasm shapes the flow of the experiences that follow. This year we did an expansive study of our bodies and shapes that are wide, narrow, curved, twisted, symmetrical and asymmetrical. We traveled about the room and figured out how to control our energy in a still shape. The children were excited about shaping together with a partner and creating "shape fences" that progressed around the room as a whole group. Like puzzle pieces that fit together, they delighted in creating designs with their partners. When we started to read the Pilobolus Alphabet book they decided we needed to create letters with our bodies and were fascinated by the idea of embodying a letter shape. Their sense of where they were in space and where they were in relation to the shape of a partner was amazing!

Spirit Week

Thanks to our fourth years for planning an exciting week! Here's a recap of each day: Monday: Movie Monday and Capture the Flag Tuesday: Pajama and/or Crazy Hat and Hair Day Wednesday: World Water Day Thursday: Dress Up Day Friday: Ice Cream or Sorbet Day

Planting Lettuce

River students take turns to plant lettuce seeds. We'll watch them germinate in the classroom.  Students will help plant them in our garden square. We'll celebrate with a lovely salad bar in a few weeks' time.

North Carolina Children's Book Award Update

Since we returned from Winter Break, Natalie, our Lower School librarian, has been reading the picture books nominated for the North Carolina Children's Book Award to River Class. These books were chosen by children all across North Carolina, and students across the state are reading these books in order to select this year's award winner.

Last week, River Class students participated in the voting process by choosing their favorites! These votes will join thousands of others - the winning book will be revealed in April. 

River students took turns to vote (see below).

River students were presented with a fun voting sticker and celebratory popcorn! 
You can read more about the book award on the library blog here.