North Carolina Children's Book Award Update

A visual reminder of the ten nominated books

Since we returned from Winter Break, Natalie, our Lower School librarian, has been reading the picture books nominated for the North Carolina Children's Book Award to River Class. These books were chosen by children all across North Carolina, and students across the state are reading these books in order to select this year's award winner.

Be sure to follow the rules!

Last week, River Class students participated in the voting process by choosing their favorites! These votes will join thousands of others - the winning book will be revealed in April. 

Natalie demonstrates how to use the ipad voting system

River students took turns to vote (see below).

Voting is fun and easy using the ipad!

Celebrating with popcorn

River students were presented with a fun voting sticker and celebratory popcorn! 

You can read more about the book award on the library blog here.

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