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Gordo Visits River Class

River Class recently enjoyed a second visit from Mark Hopey, a bird expert, and director of the nonprofit Southern Appalachian Raptor Research, who previously came to talk to River Class around Thanksgiving with a focus on, you guessed it, the turkey!  This time Mark brought with him an African Collared Dove named Gordo for the River children to meet and pet. We learned lots of interesting facts about birds including their cleanliness habits. They are, apparently, very clean animals! Birds also need shelter, food, water, clean air, and a safe place to nest. 

S'math in River

Magnetic Fun

 River Class students enjoyed a S'math lesson taken from AIMS Education Foundation and led by our shared resource teacher, Joan. Students compared the magnetic strength of a single magnet with two magnets put together to make a single unit. Students worked in cooperative learning groups to complete the exercise. Students were asked to estimate and then record their results.

Students discovered that a magnet made up of two single units is indeed stronger than a single magnet but not as strong as the combined strength of two magnets tested separately.