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Overday Fun

What a terrific Overday we had this year! What is an Overday? Well, it's a day when we stay at school past the regular end time and have nothing but fun fun fun! We had a great time watching Wall-E in both River and Sky classes, mixing up River and Sky students to make it a little bit different and special. Sleeping bags, pillows, and stuffed animals kept us warm, comfy, and cozy. We had a yummy snack al fresco followed by some River/Sky playtime. We had our Top Chi pizza for dinner (again outside) and then prepared for our talent show. We were amazed by the variety of talent in River Class. Acts included expert jump roping, martial arts, a play, jokes, and basketball comedy. Our evening ended with a campfire, s'mores, and a time of reflection.

Our Third and Final Birthday Party

Overday Slideshow - Photography by Katy Fodchuk

River Class students recently enjoyed their third and final birthday celebration. This was made possible by all of our parents' contributions of food, time, and expertise. Thank you all so much! The weather also cooperated! It was a fun, beautiful afternoon!