Author Visits Lower School Today!

Published author Sarah Mlynowski visited a very excited Lower School today. Sarah has written numerous books, including co-authoring the Upside Down Magic series (as pictured above). It was interesting to learn more about Sarah's writing process and how she was inspired by another author, Gordon Korman.

Sarah introduced the different characters in her book and the magical powers they get to have when they turn ten years old. Are they Flyers, Flickers, Fuzzies, Flares, or Fluxers?

Sarah asks our Lower Schoolers if they would like to be authors. I think you can guess that many hands enthusiastically shot into the air.

Of course, our curious Lower Schoolers had lots of questions for Sarah. "Where did she get the idea for Upside Down Magic?" For Sarah it was more about working with a team. "What was her favorite book?" Well, her most fun book was Cold as Ice from the Whatever After series.  "What do you do if you have writer's block?" One of her responses was to try a different location.

Her next Upside Down Magic book will be coming out in September.

Want to learn more about Sarah? Click here: Sarah Mlynowski

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