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Spanish Class

A group of River students is working on the farm animals' names “Animales de la granja.” They are also reviewing the colors in Spanish. Some students write confidently, others just copy the words, and others prefer to trace the words artistically.

Some students read fluently and others can read supported by images. The materials are designed to help every student feel success in Spanish.

Working in a cooperative way promotes the use of the Spanish language in the class.

Music Class

River and Sky classes have been playing xylophones in music class, which are currently set up with a 6-note scale (CDEFGA). We're learning a number of patterns in major and minor keys that fit with simple songs such as "I've Got a Dog" and the "Round and Round Round." First-years have focused on mallet technique and coordination, while second-years have learned to play the "Bird Round" melody on their xylophones and have started improvising in both C major and D minor. We recently voted on our class Springfest song, and results will be announced before Spring Break!

Afghan Bazaar

We had a fun, exciting time this afternoon visiting the Afghan Bazaar, which was organized by third- and fourth-year students, teachers, and volunteers. River and Sky students were able to visit all the different stalls which included Afghan food and drink, weaving, mendi art, Nauruz (the vernal equinox celebrated by 13 countries in the world including Iran and Afghanistan), a collage, and kites and games. 

Dance and Decorating

Students have been decorating their lighthouse bases ready to attach their lighthouses. They will continue decorating next week, adding sand, shells, and rocks. We will finish the project by adding a light, using what we learned during our electricity lesson. We will review circuits and switches during this time.  
Below you see the children moving and connecting in dance class. We begin dance in February. Annie typically begins the class with a whole-class story and then we split into our two groups, Pandas and Panthers and head to the Multi to do warm-ups and a variety of fun activities. Annie uses recorded music and percussion instruments both for inspiration and to help with rhythm. Children have an opportunity to make special requests using Annie's mailbox.

Voting Party

River Class students had their voting party today. Over the last few weeks, we've been reading the nominees for the North Carolina Children's Book Award. Natalie, our librarian, reviewed the 10 nominees with the children, asking what they remembered about each book. She then explained the voting process and showed the children how to operate the iPad. Each child voted and was able to get an I VOTED sticker for their participation. We ended with yummy popcorn and the results. Natalie's holding it in the picture above. Yes, you guessed it, the favorite in River Class was Quit Calling me a Monster!