River Class Community

Using queries to reflect on life experiences is a common Quaker process. When we speak from our own perspective, we offer others a chance to learn different ways of thinking.

Instead of dictating a list of classroom rules, we used a query to elicit from the children how they would like to their school to be. We asked, “What kind of community would you like River Class to be?” The children generated thoughtful, honest answers. 

Here’s what they said:
  • Make friends
  • Enjoy school, have fun learning
  • Respect each other
  • Be treated in a kind way
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Settle our differences peacefully
  • Take care of material and furniture in our classroom
When students are given the opportunity to describe what they want, they often share insightful and meaningful reflections.

Settle in together to help foster a peaceful, thoughtful community

Take care of our classroom by cleaning up at the end of each day

Make friends

Have fun learning

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