Math Morning

Bingo with Kathy
Math Morning is a fun-filled morning with lots of different math activities taking place around Lower School. Children get to choose 3 different activities which last for 40 minutes each. Choices this time included Bingo, Tenzies, Dash and Dot, Coding, Zentangle Art, Dominoes, The Game of Set, Shopping, Math Apps and Games, How Big is a Whale? and Tiny Robots. We always look forward to seeing our beloved Headteacher's latest math t-shirt (pictured below)!

Shopping with Dee
The Game of Set with Charlie

Dominoes with Natasha
Zentangle Art with Jenni
Tiny Robots with Joanna

Let's not forget Lisa's famous math t-shirt!
How Big is a Whale? with Michael (Photo courtesy of Ingrid)

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