Focus on Music

Some students choose the piano as their music sharing.
Music Update from Joanna
Music Sharing is a chance for students to share something musical from outside music class that is meaningful to them. Some students bring in instruments, others sing a song or play a tune on the piano or a classroom instrument. With teacher permission ahead of music class, some students share their favorite song to listen to or even an appropriate music video. Though sharing is always optional, most students choose to share at least once during the six to seven sharing times we have throughout the school year. And some, unsurprisingly, share every time and would like to share even more often! Music Sharing helps students develop their listening skills and learn to be a polite audience member, and often students and teacher learn new things about the kids we see every day. After their sharing, children may take two questions. One of the most common questions this time around was, "How are you so good at that?"

Classmates get to ask the performer questions.

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