Safety, Sound, Science, and a Celebration

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We've had a lot of fun in River Class lately. Three special guests have delighted us with their talents and expertise. Plus, we had our second birthday celebration (one more to go). Michael, a previous River Class parent and former sound designer came to talk to us about sound. Bill, an engineer and current parent of a senior, came to talk to us about safety. Ken, a scientist, came to show us some chemistry magic.

In our sound lesson with Michael, he played with pitches of some of the students’ voices, making them sound very different, much to the children's delight! He even played a sound so high, that the kids could hear it, but not the adults! He demonstrated that humans have a rudimentary echolocation, like a bat and showed us a sound "magic trick" called the McGurk effect, which (for most people) demonstrates that what we see can affect what we hear.

In our safety lesson with Bill, we learned about fire safety and what to do in case of a fire. River Class students had a lot of good information already about how to stay safe and answered Bill's numerous safety questions well.  Children had fun connecting batteries to smoke alarms in teams and also got the feel of safety gloves by using them to put pegs in holes. We learned about safety equipment and had fun trying on a fireperson's helmet and other safety clothing. Have you figured out your home fire safety plan yet?

In Chemistry Magic with Ken, we watched Ken and his Lower School assistant perform some cool experiments such as making snow, creating a rainbow of liquids, making fire and ice, and producing toothpaste for elephants. It was a lot of fun! Find out more here:

Last Friday, we had our second birthday celebration of the year (three in total). River students enjoyed yummy food items provided by celebrants' parents. The lovely weather made it possible for us to eat al fresco and partake in some extra play time. Thanks so much to our parents for providing food and for volunteering to set up and clean up. We couldn't have done it without you. Special thanks to our two classroom parents for organizing this wonderful event!

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