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A Saxophonist and Soupbones

Soupbones (aka Bradley) brought his drums and other rhythmic instruments to share
We had so much fun last Thursday. In the morning, Soupbones (Bradley's nickname) taught us lots about drums and rhythm. Bradley, formerly in the famous Blue Man Group, had us up and moving to his expert drumming. He explained how a metronome works and how polyrhythms mean many rhythms. A drummer takes lots of rhythms and puts them together. We learned about the whole drum set and the origin of drums - Africa. How do we play drums? Various drumsticks and even hands work. We learned that bigger drum heads make lower sounds, that a drum key can change the tightness of a drum head to make a different sound, and so much more.  Click here to see more and more

Saxophonist, Jim Henderson is Annie's special guest in dance class.
Jim Henderson, saxophonist, and former CFS teacher visited our dance class to not only teach us about his family of saxophones but to play for us and to read some poetry by Langsto…

A Holiday and Music Sharing

(Article written by Carys) More information about St. David's Day here: St. David's Day
On Thursday, February 28th, my mom, Ingrid, came to share about Saint David's Day, which takes place on March 1st. My mom told us the longest place name in the world and the story of the red dragon and the white dragon. One of the students got to try on the traditional Welsh costume. The leek represents the boy and the daffodil represents the girl. My mom even handed out Welsh flags!

We are inviting parents to come and share their musical gifts with us. We welcome anyone from novice to experts. John recently came to share a number of instruments including a Hawaiian guitar (pictured above), two types of flutes, a mandolin, and a banjo. Earlier in the school year, Tom (pictured below) came to River Class to share his Spanish guitar. We look forward to more musical shares as the year progresses. Thanks to all the parents who have volunteered!