Float and Sink

River Class students have been learning about floating and sinking through books, videos, hands-on experiments, and design and engineering. We began this topic by testing various objects to see if they could float. We made predictions and then took turns in pairs or small groups to see what actually happened. Students learned about density and what this meant in terms of sinking and floating.

We discussed different types of boats and the purpose of boats. What do they actually do? We figured out that boats have many uses: carrying people, carrying goods, racing, and vacations.

River students began by building boats from clay. They tested their efficacy by filling them with small cubes. How many cubes can your boat hold? Some boats successfully held close to 100 cubes - impressive!

Students then worked in collaborative groups to make a boat out of a variety of items such as corks, popsicle sticks, etc. We tested their boats and discussed the results. How can we improve our design?
River Class students then went on to make their own individual boats using milk/juice cartons. Some chose to make catamarans. We had a lot of fun testing them at the creek!

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